octobre, 2018

20octToute la journée212nd International Symposium on Research in Acupuncture


A propos de l'événement

The first International Symposium on Research in Acupuncture, organized in Bologna in 2015, gathered together more than 200 physicians and researchers coming from over 14 nations. It was successful for a number of reasons, but most importantly because of the increasing interest in the integration of acupuncture with conventional biomedical treatments, as informed by an emerging research evidence base.

Many new research studies, in fact, have been published in the last years, evaluating the mechanisms of action underlying acupuncture effects, and clinical trials of efficacy and effectiveness for different medical fields, as well as studies evaluating cost-effectiveness for acupuncture therapy. These research studies are now influencing public administrations in the decision of providing and covering acupuncture therapy in public and private healthcare systems.

The programme of the Symposium features plenary sessions and panel discussions with active participation of the audience and focuses on the following topics designed to appeal to a wide range of congress participants:

1. Mechanisms of Action and Current Trends in Acupuncture Research

2. Research Methodology and EBM in Acupuncture. The Placebo Issue

3. From Acupuncture Research to Clinical Practice

4. Integration of Acupuncture into Healthcare Systems: Regulatory and Cost-Effectiveness Aspects

Anyone who is engaged in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including working in education, research, clinical applications, health system, as well as other professional experts and scholars, can participate.

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octobre 20 (Samedi) - 21 (Dimanche)


Savoia Hotel Regency

Via del Pilastro, 2, Bologna


Association of Medical Acupuncturists of Bologna & Society for Acupuncture Research